★HEIGHT:    166cm
★WEIGHT:    50kg
★MEASUREMENT:   34B-23-35 Natural
★EYE COLOR:   Black
★ETHNICITY:   Korean
★LOCATION:   North York 北约克
★SCHEDULE:   11am-11pm
★ROSE:   300/45min 400/1hr(2s)

独家第一手高颜值女团系SOMI,芳龄24岁,100%第一次来加拿大。本人k- pop女团即视感,甜美性感纯欲系美女,她的笑容温暖得如同冬日里的一束阳光,让人一见倾心,印象深刻。她的五官精致得像芭比娃娃,无辜的大眼睛撩动你的心铉,精致的鼻梁和性感微笑唇让人忍不住的想吻上去。难得的全身上下全天然,亚洲人少有的超美蜜桃臀,S型身材高挑性感,没有任何赘肉,皮肤白皙光滑,浑身都散发着青春的气息。妹妹个性温柔开朗,亲和力十足,新人首次入行,纯纯的GFE服务,态度超好。100%本人照片,手快有手慢无。

Exclusive first-hand Gorgeous young Korean SOMI, age 24yrs, 100% first time to Canada. She has k-pop style look, sweet and sexy. She has beautiful smiles always just like the sunshine in winter. Her facial features are as delicate as a Barbie doll, her big innocent eyes touch your heart, her delicate nose bridge and sexy smiling lips make you want to kiss her. From head to toe All-natural ZERO SURGERY, round and firm peach buttocks, tall and sexy S-shaped figure, without any fat, smooth and fair skin. She has a outgoing and sullen personality, and is approachable. It is her first time in the industry. She provides pure GFE service with a super good attitude. 100% personal photos, don't miss this stunning natural beauty.

⚠️ATTENTION⚠️Any rude and violent behaviour is absolutely prohibited, otherwise we have the right to suspend the service and charge the full fee. Please respect and treat every woman well.