★HEIGHT:    151cm
★WEIGHT:    45Kg
★MEASUREMENT:   32B-23-34 Natural
★EYE COLOR:   Black
★ETHNICITY:   Japanese
★LOCATION:   Mississauga 密西沙加
★ROSE:   200/30m 280/45m 380/1hr(2s) Promo

独家首发03年日本UME,真正20岁在读大学生,仅兼职两周。清纯可爱元气型小萝莉。她的眼睛如星眸般闪耀清澈不带一丝杂质,梨花浅笑像阳光一样灿烂,触动你的心灵。全天然娇小紧致的身材,年轻女生特有的少女胸,肉感十足的蜜桃臀,周身皮肤白皙细腻散发着青春的气息。个性乖巧活泼,平易近人,第一次下海希望哥哥们怜香惜玉,配合度高,态度千依百顺,服务超级走心,女友感超强,FULL GFE服务菜单,45分钟以上赠送口爆,1小时以上加送毒龙。吞精+100,拍摄+200,30分钟口爆+50,30/45分钟毒龙+50,颜射(最后一个预约)+100,特殊服务+200。100%真人实拍照片!拒绝粗鲁暴力的客人预约!
Exclusive debut of brand new Japanese UME born in 2003, real 20 years old college student, only part time for 2 weeks. She is a pure and lovely little girl with vitality. Her eyes are shining like stars, clear without any impurities, and beautiful smile is as bright as the sun, touching your heart. The all-natural petite body in good proportion, the unique girlish breasts of young girls, meaty bouncy peach buttocks, the fair and delicate skin all over the body exudes a youthful atmosphere. She has a cute and lovely personality, loves to please. It's her first time in this industry, treat her gentle and well. Her attitude is super and accommodating. Excellent service with all efforts, PURE GFE dating. Full GFE menus, FREE CIM for 45min up, FREE RIM for 1hr up. Filming +200, Swallow+100, 30min CIM+50, 30/45min RIM+50, COF(last appt)+100, Special service+200. 100% real photos! No rough play, No violence!