★HEIGHT:    160cm
★WEIGHT:    50Kg
★MEASUREMENT:   34D-23-35 Natural
★EYE COLOR:   Black
★ETHNICITY:   Japanese
★LOCATION:   Markham 万锦
★ROSE:   220/30m 300/45m 400/1hr(2s)

独家日本性感美女AIKO,24岁素人,VIP服务系再次回归,仅停留3周,上次好评如潮,喜欢风骚热情略带PSE感的不要错过。身材性感,健美体型,全天然坚挺D罩杯,肉感而紧实的蜜桃臀让人一见冲动。脸蛋精致可爱,星眸皓齿,笑容甜美,皮肤白皙光滑,举止轻盈柔和又激情四射,个性开朗大方,技术一流,态度满分。full GFE菜单,45分钟以上免费口爆,一小时预约以上赠送毒龙,30分钟口爆+50,30/45分钟毒龙+50,吞精+100,颜射(最后一个预约)+100,特殊服务+200。100%真人实拍照片。真人比照片好看。拒绝野蛮粗暴的客人预约!
The exclusive debut of the sexy Japanese beauty AIKO, 24yrs VIP service queen, only short stay for 3 weeks, lots of good feedbacks since last tour, another slut sexy girl not to be missed. Her figure is graceful and curvy, which presents health, vitality, charm and sexiness.She has a delicate face, starry eyes and white teeth, fair and smooth skin, light and soft demeanor, exudes a warm smile and confident atmosphere, outgoing and friendly personality, excellent service and skills, enthusiasm and passionate always. Full GFE menu, FREE CIM for 45min and up, FREE RIM for 1hr and up , 30min CIM+50, 30/45min RIM+50, swallow+100, COF(last appointment)+100, special service + 200. 100% recent Real photos! No Rough play! No Violence!
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