★HEIGHT:    160cm
★WEIGHT:    48Kg
★MEASUREMENT:   34C-24-35 Natural
★EYE COLOR:   Black
★ETHNICITY:   Japanese
★LOCATION:   North York 北约克
★ROSE:   320/45m 420/1hr(1s) Asian ONLY

独家首发全新日本偶像歌手YURI,可以简单英语。真实年龄22 岁,第一次下海。超可爱的脸蛋,大大的眼睛纯净无杂质,像洋娃娃一样长而浓密的睫毛,娇俏的小鼻子,尖尖的下巴,像卡通少女一样卡哇伊。全天然苗条健美的身材,皮肤光滑紧致散发着青春的气息。 她的个性活泼开朗,俏皮可爱,亲和力十足,态度满分,千依百顺。 她就像你希望拥有的校园女友。 和她在一起会让你融化在她的怀抱中,渴望更多, 给你纯纯的GFE体验。妹妹仅短期兼职数日。千万不要错过嫩口好菜。100%真人照片。FULL GFE菜单,45分钟以上免费口爆,1小时以上加送毒龙。拍摄+200,30分钟口爆+50,30/45分钟毒龙+50,如有其他请求敬请咨询。拒绝野蛮粗鲁的客人预约!
Exclusive debut of our new Japanese idol singer YURI, speaking simple English. She is BRAND NEW to the industry and real age is 22. All natural slim and toned body with a super cute face that will make your heart flutter. Pointy chin, cute button nose that just spells KAWAII. Her personality and attitude is A+ as she will fulfill all of your desire. She is like the long lost girlfriend that you wish you had. being with her will have you melt in her arms longing for more. Come to experience a true GFE fun. She will only stay very short time. Come see and taste for yourself, but hurry before it's too late. 100% real photos. FULL GFE menus, FREE CIM for 45min up, FREE RIM for 1hr up, Filming+200, 30min CIM+50, 30/45min RIM+50, other inquiries avail YMMV. NO Rough play! No violence!