★HEIGHT:    162cm
★WEIGHT:    44kg
★MEASUREMENT:   32B-23-35 Natural
★EYE COLOR:   Black
★ETHNICITY:   Japanese
★LOCATION:   Markham 万锦
★ROSE:   240/30m 320/45m 420/1hr(2s)

独家首发日本颜值系HINATA,真实23岁,首次来加,仅停留2周。她有着清秀的五官,给人一种精致优雅的感觉;美丽的双眼,或是明亮灵动,充满生机,或是深邃而神秘,让人感受到不同的情感和气息。眉毛清晰而修长,为整个脸部增添了一份独特的神韵;嘴唇柔软、饱满而富有弹性,不论是微笑还是沉思,都给人留下深刻的印象。她的姿态优雅从容,她的声音柔美动听,她的微笑温暖迷人。她散发出来的独特魅力和迷人气息,让人一见难忘回味无穷。她的身材娇小玲珑苗条紧致,全天然32B的胸部坚挺粉嫩,超好比例的腰臀比带来强烈的视觉冲击力,让人不自觉地被吸引。个性温柔开朗,可盐可甜,服务走心走肾,态度满分。FULL GFE菜单,45分钟以上免费口爆,一小时以上免费毒龙。30分钟口爆+50,30/45分钟毒龙+50,拍摄+200,吞精+100, 颜射(最后一个预约)+100,特殊服务+200。100%最新真人实拍照片!拒绝粗鲁野蛮暴力的客人预约!
Exclusive release of brand new 23yrs beautiful HINATA, a high-quality girl from Japan who will only work for 2 weeks. She has delicate and elegant features, giving people a refined and graceful feeling. Her beautiful eyes are either bright and lively, full of vitality, or deep and mysterious, conveying different emotions and atmospheres. Her eyebrows are clear and slender, adding a unique charm to her entire face. Her lips are soft, plump, and elastic, leaving a deep impression whether she smiles or meditates. Her posture is graceful and poised, her voice is soft and pleasant, and her smile is warm and charming. She exudes a unique charm and fascinating aura that is unforgettable. Her figure is petit and slim without any extra fat, with naturally full and elastic 32B breasts and a superb waist-to-hip ratio that creates a strong visual impact and attracts people unconsciously. She has a gentle and cheerful personality, and her service is heartfelt and passionate with a perfect attitude. FULL GFE menus, FREE CIM for 45 minutes UP, FREE RIM for 1hr UP. 30min CIM+50, 30/45min RIM+50, Filming +200, swallow +100, COF(last booking)+100, special service+200. 100% most recent real photos! No rough play! No violence!