★HEIGHT:    168cm
★WEIGHT:    52Kg
★MEASUREMENT:   34D-23-35
★EYE COLOR:   Black
★ETHNICITY:   Japanese
★LOCATION:   Markham 万锦
★ROSE:   220/30m 300/45m 400/1hr(2s)

独家首发日本健身教练YUKO,首次来加,真实年龄25岁,仅短期兼职。"性感尤物'是为她量身打造的形容词。她长相妩媚,五官立体,细长的眼睛像两道弯月,眼角微微上翘,看起来极富魅力。她的嘴唇红润丰满,像是小巧的玫瑰花瓣,让人不禁想吻上去。她的身材曲线妙曼,高耸的胸部和细腰相得益彰,修长的双腿和圆润的臀部散发出性感的魅力,令人无法移开目光。个性开朗随和,笑容甜美而魅惑,素人下海但是不怯场,热情似火,配合度满分。FULL GFE菜单,45分钟以上赠送口爆,拍摄+200,特殊服务+200。100%本人真实照片!拒绝粗鲁暴力的客人预约!
Exclusive debut of Japanese fitness coach YUKO in Canada for the first time. Her real age is 25 and she is only available for short-term part-time work. She is a super sexy stunner. She has a charming and alluring facial features, with a graceful appearance. Her eyes are like two curved crescents exuding irresistible charm. Her lips are plump and rosy, like delicate rose petals, tempting one to kiss them. Her curves are enchanting, with a big chest and a slim waist that complement each other. Her long legs and round hips emit a sexy charm that is impossible to resist. She has a cheerful and easygoing personality, with a sweet and seductive smile. Despite being a newcomer, she is wild and passionate, and attitude is highly cooperative. She offers a FULL GFE menu, FREE CIM for 45 minutes or longer. Filming + $200, special services +$200. 100% real photos!
NO rough play! No violence!