★HEIGHT:    164cm
★WEIGHT:    50kg
★EYE COLOR:   Black
★ETHNICITY:   Chinese
★LOCATION:   North York 北约克
★SCHEDULE:   11am-11pm
★ROSE:   300/45m 400/1hr(1s) 600/90m(2s) CIM $50

Brand NEW *YUKI*, is a local student who can speak fluent English, in her early 20s. Her face is an Internet celebrity style beauty, look alike Chinese actress Liu Yan. Her appearance is innocent, cute and sultry, with a small oval-shaped face, big eyes as bright as stars, long eyelashes like a doll, a high nose bridge and pouting lips, like a flower Delicate roses in bloom.The most amazing thing is that she has a unique figure, which is slim in S-shaped curve and all natural. 34D invincible real breast + light-colored areola makes people addicted and unable to divert their attention. The 23-inch super slim waist has no fat at all, the flat and firm lower abdomen, and the 35-inch peach buttocks are perfectly proportioned and rounded. The visual impact is unparalleled. Although She is a newcomer to the industry, she has a cheerful and lively personality, full of pro-vigor, enthusiastic and positive, and very responsive. Her high emotional intelligence can meet the needs of guys both mentally and physically. The full set of GFE menus brings you the most true love Girlfriend-style experience, CIM EXTRA 50$. Don't miss this gem, great value talent! 100% real photos. NO rough play! No violence!