★HEIGHT:    158cm
★WEIGHT:    95lbs
★MEASUREMENT:   32C-23-33(Natural)
★EYE COLOR:   Black
★ETHNICITY:   Best PSE service queen
★LOCATION:   Markham 万锦
★ROSE:   200/hh 250/45m 350/1hr(2s)

Voted #5 on TERB's best SP of the year 2022
Voted #5 on TERB's best SP of the year 2023

新到学妹Candy, 新到的年轻学妹,甜美的笑容总是挂在小巧可人的脸上,娇小玲珑小鸟依人的外型,身材苗条无赘肉,一手可握的小蛮腰,难得的全天然粉嫩C罩杯波波,皮肤白皙光滑紧致,全身散发着青春洋溢的气息。她个性开朗活泼,又可爱又风骚,她蕙心兰质善解风情,给人久违的女友感,服务热情周到,百分百的服务态度,既可以是GFE又可以是PSE,绝对的服务女王,一小时预约可享受东莞式一条龙服务,Du龙kou爆漫游波推应有尽有。妹妹长年练习瑜伽柔韧性极佳,轻松解锁各种动作。物超所值的终极体验,绝对碾压同价位的其他女生,另有免费制服诱惑。全部100%真人照片!半小时即可体验Du龙Kou爆,全城服务体验最高性价比!

New arrived college student Candy from China. She is tiny, petit and slim. All natural body in a good shape. Smooth and tight skin. cute face with smiles all the time. excellent attitude and top-notched service included GFE & PSE service. Don't miss this talent, she is full of energy and enthusiasm. You will absolutely enjoy your date with her. 1hr she offers most enjoyable and relax Dongguan Style service. Candy provide free cosplay outfit! 100% REAL PHOTOS! RIM and CIM included in any session, best value for service queen experience!

⚠️ATTENTION⚠️Any rude and violent behaviour is absolutely prohibited, otherwise we have the right to suspend the service and charge the full fee. Please respect and treat every woman well.